Mr. Men #7 : Happy Valentine’s !


Yes, apparently the ‘heart shape’ is in fact about as mathematical as that shape gets. The closest relative is the Cardioid, however the ‘heart shape’ has been generally accepted into the world of mathematics. I really would like you to prove me wrong. Doesn’t feel very mathsy this one!

Anyway, happy Valentine’s day. 🙂

Alternate Mr. Men

These posts are proving rather popular. A few people have asked me to fine tune them a bit. Some seem to prefer the more traditional white background approach. So these are for you:



Others are keen to display these in school classrooms, but are a bit mindful of ‘Little Miss’, which I certainly understand and have felt a little conflicted about myself. I base these on the old books of the same name. Anyway, here are alternatives for the  ‘little miss’ :

mrsR mssalinon misshex

These alternate versions really take no time at all, i just press delete or retype a word, so I’ll offer white background versions of all from now on, and two versions of the Little Miss series 🙂