Remembrance Day Resources

Resource 1: Poppy Origami:

Square Base tutorial With a little creativity you can do fun things with origami origami-3 There’s also the less adventurous poppy template on the British Legion website. Resource 2: Remembrance Day Maths Project A slightly overly complicated, project based on the data around remembrance day. Good as a basis for ideas. Resource 3: World War Stats Plenty of infographics here – although my favourite is here. d81bf8051f0063c4678daee6d727524c is also an excellent site with some powerful infographics on, although you’ll need to use screen prints to get them. Some great stats and graphics from actual newspapers at the time are collated here. October 6, 1915

A useful (and powerful) table of estimated casualties, prisoners, wounded and mobilised forces¬† sorted by country here¬† with a slightly different version including percentages here , and a wikipedia entry here Finally, there are plenty of charts and graphs about the war using a basic Google Search, (although I’d recommend checking them first!) or some useful data here that students could put it into excel. pwound

The BBC has recently published a nice page full of infographics and numerical data too.


Resource 4: WW1 Map A scaled map with trench lines: Western_front_1915-16 Hope these help!