7 Days of Maths http://drawingonmath.blogspot.co.uk #7


nixthetricks.com is Tina Cardone’s dedicated site to eradicating the maths ‘tricks’ that plague teaching and often cause more long term problems than they solve short term. The whole idea is still quite topical with teachers. Is it ok to teach tricks? If so, when is it OK?

Either way, with a new emphasis on subject mastery, I suspect tricks will be dying out, or at least, using them as a first port of call.

Maths QR Code Bank

Now this is very useful!

I made QR codes for pretty much every single maths subject (not the new topics yet).

Each takes you to a video that shows you (ie a student) how to do that topic.

The uses for these are pretty much endless.

I’m intending to use them on marking feedback sheets per topic, so students have a ‘go to’ for help with a topic.

They’re all here.



Clip Art Bank


Make worksheets more interesting with these.


An even better strategy is to copy and paste the contents of the ‘clipart’ folder here

into your clipart folder on your computer.

Like this:

pic 1

This will differ from one computer to the next, so search for your clipart folder on your computer first!

By doing it this way, what you’ll find is that from inside Word / PowerPoint / Excel, you can insert your new clipart with ease:


Definitely worth having a play around until you get it sorted.

At some point I’ll also make a maths clipart bank, with triangles and quadrilaterals with their angles on and so forth. Eventually…