Relative Frequency Worksheets

Here are a pair of relative frequency worksheets I use when teaching probability. The second one involves various practicals that require no particular resources to bring in beforehand.

rel freq

Relative Frequency

7 Days of Maths: #1

The new revamped Resource Of The Day is here at last! I will be featuring 7 great resources from one website over the course of 7 days. First up is which is run by @Ms_Kmp

The resource I’ve picked for today is this wonderful experimental probability idea. I love it, chiefly because it uses this ridiculously awesome graph paper to record results:


which end up looking a bit like this:


I like that the task is open ended and students decide their own investigation, but mostly, this is all about THAT PAPER!!.

Football Stats

match stats

For every football match, the BBC posts a handy stat that looks like the one above. You can access all the game stats of the weekend by going here, choosing a match and clicking ‘report’.

If you’re wondering why this is useful, just think about all the questions you could ask about those stats. Or students could think up their own questions.