Yahtzee Score Card

Yahtzee is a nice way to practice some basic number operations.

Here is a score sheet. Just add dice 🙂




Scrabble Maths


There’s a small but nice collection of number based resources and worksheets available on this webpage by Secondary Maths.

I particularly like the Scrabble Maths worksheet, which is a nice take on the classic game with a mathsy spin.

Virtual Salon


Virtual Salon is an interactive ‘game’  based in a Salon. It was designed to encourage students to think about the maths used in industry (specifically… well, guess). The maths used is not tenuous at all, it’s actually very accurate. Stock checks, salaries, taxes etc.

Might be useful to get some of those disengaged ‘never gonna use maths’ students back on board a bit.

West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance Conference

Today I presented at the West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance conference.

The session was about deeper understanding – specifically, the associative, distributive and commutative properties of multiplication.

Karen’s presentation is here: “deeper understanding” .

And her notes about the laws of multiplication are here

card sort

My Conference Presentaiton

mult laws

Multiplication Worksheet 1

cube puz

Mystery Rectangle / Cuboid Puzzles


Properties of Multiplication


Times Tables Investigation

laws of multiplication mult_2-1

Multiplication Methods

Multiplication properties template

Don Steward Multiplication Resources