5 Minute Fillers – Factors and Multiples

I wrote a selection of PPoint slides for a range of topics last year. The slides each contain questions and often video links to news topics. They’re intended as 5 minute fillers – breaks from a main lesson task.


5 min fillers factors and multiples

West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance Conference

Today I presented at the West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance conference.

The session was about deeper understanding – specifically, the associative, distributive and commutative properties of multiplication.

Karen’s presentation is here: “deeper understanding” .

And her notes about the laws of multiplication are here

card sort

My Conference Presentaiton

mult laws

Multiplication Worksheet 1

cube puz

Mystery Rectangle / Cuboid Puzzles


Properties of Multiplication


Times Tables Investigation

laws of multiplication mult_2-1

Multiplication Methods

Multiplication properties template

Don Steward Multiplication Resources