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Random Walk Problem #1

A dot takes a random walk. For any given turn, it can move one space up, down, left or right. As it moves, it leaves behind a trail.

What is the probability that after 8 moves, the trail looks like this 1 x 1 square:

square 2

*only the starting point is shown.

Triangle Revision Workout

For Year 11 revision this week, I have collated 30 GCSE past paper questions on triangles. Any incarnation of triangle questions are included, such as pythag questions, area questions, algebraic perimeter questions, similarity questions and trig questions.

I have created 2 versions. One with the question included, and one with just the diagram included.

The intention is for students to:

  1. Determine the range of questions that may be asked of them regarding triangles
  2. Determine the different strategies for each question
  3. Identify the strategy to be used for a particular question, without even reading the question – this will be an actual task – to label each diagram with a note about what they think it looks like (a pythag question, a trig question etc)
  4. Find as much information as they can about each diagram without knowing the question – can they find missing sides? Angles? Area? Perimeter? Similarity?
  5. Cross reference with the acual GCSE question.

This is a 2 lesson project. I even printed all the diagrams onto stickers.



without the questions

triangle questions as stickers

Triangle Exam Questions without the questions

Triangle Exam Questions