Pie Charts Suck.


Pie charts are only good for one thing – funny pie chart jokes.

Pie charts were invented by the same person who invented the bar chart. Not content was he, with the wonderful simplicity of this visually stunning masterpiece:


As he single handedly created the concept of visualising data, he thought to himself, whilst eating a pie… i have a better idea…


Yes! Much easier to see which frequency is highest. Much easier to read what each frequency actually is. Much easier to create. All you have to do is convert frequencies to proportions of 360 degrees, then notch those degrees into a circle and join it all up. AND IT HAS PIE IN THE TITLE!! Lolz.

Sure enough, the business and media worlds literally ate up the idea:



declared businesses all over the world:

your profits

Yes, but … if I just rotate that pie chart…

your profits 2

SHHH quiet down party pooper. Ok fine, just compare how we did last year to this year:

profits year 1

profits year 3

See? They’re, you know… different… I think.

Confused? Nevermind. Just relax and compare the amount of goals scored from each premier league team this season:

prem goals

Yeeeah, that’s useful data representation right there. Sweet.


(Thanks to @TeacherBowTie for the funnies).


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