Maths Teachers: 5 Reinvigoration Tips

Well, it’s Easter break so I thought I’d share some simple ideas to reinvigorate over the next two weeks (or week if you broke up for the holidays earlier).

  1. Get some rest

I don’t think many people will take issue with that one! Sleep in, recharge the batteries, get well if you need to.

2. Go outside, go for a walk

It’s so easy to whittle away a break by staying at home, watching tv and going online, but there’s nothing more invigorating (for me at least) than going on a long walk outside. Making time to think is bizarrely a bit of a precious commodity these days.

This is a great article about how useful a walk can be, and several mathematicians have attributed thinking time during walks to their major successes including Andrew Wiles and Yitang Zhang.

3. Turn off your phone for the day and stay off the Internet

Remember there’s more to life than twitter notifications and facebook likes. There’s a real world right outside the door and you have the time to see it! More importantly, I think we (at least, I) need a bit of a disconnect from time to time just for a sanity check.

4. Remember what you work for

What is the purpose of work to you? Whatever that purpose is, this is probably the time you should be fulfilling that purpose. Spending time with the family? Going out with friends? Spending some money? Whatever “the things” are, now is the time to do the things.

5. Reignite your love for your subject

I fear a lot of maths teachers don’t even like maths anymore, and probably don’t even realise it. Teaching the same curriculum day in day out for years and years will no doubt diminish genuine interest and curiosity, and replace them with routine and boredom. The best way to get your maths mojo back is to actually do some maths! No, not a GCSE question that you can figure out in 2 seconds because you’ve done them to death with classes for the last 10+ years, but a genuinely thought provoking question, or learn a new element of maths, like Pick’s Theorem or read this amazing book by William Dunham



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