What’s the problem with this problem?


Can you see what’s wrong with this question?


6 thoughts on “What’s the problem with this problem?

  1. When the trapezoidal prism has its height listed, the dashed line representing the height creates a right triangle. The issue is that within this right triangle, the hypotenuse is the same length as the original height of the trapezoid, which is impossible since the hypotenuse is the longest side of any right triangle.

    • It gets even worse. The vertical height of 33ft is actually GREATER than a slant length (32ft). This slant length is also a hypotenuse of a triangle with a short side = 33ft. So they have ‘created’ two right angles triangles, one of which has a hypotenuse equal to a shorter side, and the other of which has a hypotenuse shorter than a shorter side.
      I wonder who produced the solution, and how they didn’t notice??

  2. Outrageous. So difficult to believe that this went to print. Another reason why I spend hours creating my own worksheets

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