student booklets

I’m a huge fan of the (now dormant, but still online) site

It’s full of excellent problems, and the author has organised them into 4 tiers of difficulty as pdfs here

However, the summary pdfs have the answers directly underneath each question, which isn’t ideal.

So I took the answers out for student versions here:

THREE Star Problem Booklet

TWO Star Problem Booklet

One Star Problem Booklet

I use them a lot. The picture below shows printed a4 versions (with the answers) binded, and printed A5 versions (for students) without the answers, the A5 versions are the ones linked above.


2 thoughts on “ student booklets

  1. These look great.I would be tempted to use the problems individually.How do you use the booklets?How do the stars work?  * Y7,8, ** Y9, 10, *** y11+ **** 6th form ?Many thanks – great resource.

  2. They roughly work out as 1 star KS3, 1 star – 2 star GCSE (Fdn), and 2 – 3 star GCSE (H). 4 star is definitely entirely A Level, due to most of the problems involving A Level topics – I haven’t converted the 4 star into a student booklet as I teach in 11-16 school at the moment. I have used 2 star on Y8 and 9 though, depending on the groups. Often I set a question as ‘extension homework’, which is voluntary.
    There are two students I teach who have their own entire booklet as they are so ridiculously talented at maths.

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