Geometry Musings #1 Parallel Lines

Sometimes when I’m bored I draw things with a compass and ruler (straight rule…) just because it’s theraputic and it’s nice to imagine what it was like to be in Euclid’s posse. It also really makes you appreciate how difficult it was to construct things we now take for granted and just let software do for us.

Anyway, first up is the parallel line through a point:


Original line is AB, and we’re going to make a parallel line through C.


Draw any old line that goes through point C and line AB.

Set your compass to roughly half way between CD and draw two arcs, one from point C and one from point D:


Now set the compass width to FG, and draw an intersecting arc with the compass point at E


Then join CH:



2 thoughts on “Geometry Musings #1 Parallel Lines

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  2. That’s why the parallel line tool was invented, but when? Did the Ancient Greeks have them? I am pretty sure that if an archaeologist found one he wouldn’t know what it was.

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