The Intervention Diaries #1

After marking the mock papers for my Year 11 maths group, I have identified seven students who require some kind of intervention work. In fact, four of them are on high B’s and their targets are either B or A, however I am not interested in targets, I just want them all to get at least an A, so they make the list.

The others came out as C’s and should be getting A’s in June.

I intend to document progress and intervention strategies from now until June (albeit rather intermittently).

Stage 1 will be a Question Level Analysis, which is standard for all students after an assessment.

This involves the student going through their paper and mapping their marks to a template that highlights what topic was being tested in each question. Students then R/A/G their performance per question, with the intended outcome being that they have identified not only the questions they did badly on, but also what the specific topic areas were for future revision / intervention.

Below you can see scores highlighted in yellow and (less obviously from the photo) light orange.

intervention diaries 1

Next post will be the results of the QLA.


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