Don Steward Event

I can fit another ten people to see Don Steward talk maths (for free) at Huddersfield University on Saturday 9-1315 . Let me know if you’d like to attend . 

7 thoughts on “Don Steward Event

  1. Ooops Is the event this weekend? In which case I can’t attend. Which is a real shame as I remember us talking about this on Twitter!

    Best Hilda

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  2. I jolly well should take advantage of this opportunity. Where exactly is the event, please, (department/building) and what is the timetable (in brief), Dave Mitchell (Don has kindly included some of my work, with a link, in his maths teaching blog)

    • No problem. It starts at 9am, runs until 1:30pm. There are a few speakers including Craig Barton, and Don will start his bit at around 12. It’s in Lockside Building room LS 2/ 10)_11. Parking is opposite on Firth Street and is free.

  3. To repeat my comment on your blog – I am winding myself up to attend the Don Steward event if there’s room. Can you let me know which department/building the event is taking place in and (roughly will do) what the timetable is, or maybe send me a link to the data please.

    Thanks for letting us all know,

    Dave Mitchell 01629 823456

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