Puzzle Apps

I recently upgraded my phone and have since sought out some fun puzzle apps. I thought I’d share my findings for similar puzzle enthusiasts. Here are the puzzley apps I downloaded, and a few comments.

  1. Girls Like Robots

This is a very taxing and funny puzzler. You basically place characters in a grid in an attempt to keep everyone happy. Each character has traits and preferences regarding who they like, don’t like, tolerate etc. It’s surprisingly mathematical when you get past the first couple of levels.

Puzzley AND mathsy. Win win. 4/5 stars.

2. Trick Shot


Simple concept and controls. Think angry birds, but getting a ball in a box. It’s harder than you’d think, but ends up being a bit trial and error. 3/5 stars.

3. Folt


This puzzler is pretty, simple and quite taxing. You’re given previews of three upcoming colour stamps and you have to roll out a pattern square by square, trying to eliminate colours by getting 3 of the same colour to touch. Involves a lot of forward planning! 4/5

4. Twisted Go


This is pentago, but renamed presumably for licensing avoidance. Pentago is great, but is two player. Playing a two player game against a computer program is quite unsatisfying. Also the graphics are ugly as  shit. 2/5

5. Folds


Honestly I have no idea what’s going on with this game. You’re supposed to ‘fold’ each section (presumably like paper) to match colours, however nothing folds like paper, it folds counter-intuitively and doesn’t technically ‘fold’ at all. Things kind of flap across diagonals and magically appear elsewhere. Stupid dumb game. -2/5

6. SetDailyPro


This is just the SET Daily Puzzle as an app. Which is all I need. Perfect. I am proper crap at SET, but I love it. Maybe now I’ll get better. Unlikely. 5/5

7. Drop7


Lots of good reviews for this one. Match a row or column of 5 with the number 5 etc. Surprisingly difficult, but massively unsatisfying in my mind. Meh. 2/5.

8. Unius Dimensionis


I love this puzzle game. Various shapes / letters / numbers / symbols are presented in 1 dimension, rather than 2. You have to figure out what they are. Awesome!! I’m stuck on level 11 though, so let me know if you crack that one. 4/5

9. Skyscrapers (2 different apps)


Skyscrapers are my favourite puzzle ever. However these apps are dreadful. Stick to this version


10. Hocus


I think this app is brand new. It’s a mind bending Escher thing where you guide a cube to its destination. Very Monument Valley. I like it a lot. 5/5.

So there you go. Lots of apps, some great, some god-awful. Do let me know if you have any recommendations that I haven’t mentioned. 🙂


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