Working with Primary Schools

This week I am working with younger students who are coming up from primary school for the day. I have them in the afternoon, and I thought that it’d be a great opportunity to cover some non-curricular stuff.

My idea was a set of activites, each on a desk, and students go from desk to desk every 15 mins or so. Unfortunately I got rather carried away and have completely overplanned. However, the resources are good so I thought I’d share…


Templates for the curves are lifted from here


Idea stolen from John Chase


Found on TES


I’ve posted about these before


And this!



Above are just taken from

Primary Instructions

4 colour theorem template



Tangram Challenge

Tangram Solutions


One thought on “Working with Primary Schools

  1. A lot of this appeared in the “new” approaches to maths in the 1960’s. they are all real fun and very mathematical. perhaps it’s as well that they are “extra-curricular”, as this would probably the kiss of death to enjoyment (and learning !).
    Don’t forget the circle based envelopes, eg one end moves one step round, the other moves two, each time

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