Hannah’s Sweets

This Edexcel exam question is getting a lot of press coverage this morning.

(see here, … here … and err… here)

The papers have written out the question in full if you’re curious, or you can read twitter below.

So what’s all the fuss?

I suspect the question just felt like a “one to eleventy” difficulty switch to a lot of students, and they skipped it.

Edexcel to be fair are clearly testing the waters ahead of a more difficult GCSE examination coming our way in 2017.

I for one think it’s a good question, although I dislike all the ‘contextual’ elements of all maths exams (not edexcel in particular).

I appreciate they’re working within strict guidelines, but whoever proposes those guidelines needs to rethink. Why the hell do we need such awful contextual nonsense to set up a maths question? We never used to!

Anyway, this was tweeted out this morning:

3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Sweets

    • Consider the possibility that the examiners got it wrong and that it’s impossible for the probability of two orange sweets to be 1/3. And that the quadratic equation is wrong. And that the probability of two orange sweets is 36/(n x n).

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