What’s new at solvemymaths.com ?

As you probably noticed, I’ve carried out a substantial update to this site over the last few days. I thought I should probably highlight the big changes in a post:

1: GCSE Resource Searching


I’ve significantly sharpened the search facilities on the site. Now you can search by teaching topic AND sub-topic. So you can find any resources specific to a subtopic of (GCSE) maths.

2: Additional Resource Searching


I’ve created further search categories including

‘Non Curricula / Post GCSE’

which is further subdivided into Displays,


Interesting Maths


and Post GCSE (mostly A Level)




Which is further subdivided into ‘Puzzles‘,


‘Questions’ (which tend to be GCSE topics)


and ‘Visual Prompts’ which could be used to prompt mathematical discussions (e.g. “what do you notice, what else do you notice?” etc. The visual prompts category also allows for me to post cool mathematical images like the one below now, whereas they didn’t have a place in the last version of the site.


Past Papers

I have compiled all the available past papers that are hosted by each exam board. The links take you directly to the exam board’s site (where the papers are hosted). All 4 exam boards are covered, as well as the brilliant Corbett Maths collection of exam-style papers.



Here I have included a range of revision materials and blog posts for both GCSE and A Level. You’ll also find my popular QR Code revision materials here.


Teaching Tools

This section identifies useful sites and tools that could be used by a teacher when teaching a topic or preparing presentations. e.g. this handy fraction wall.


Themed Resources

Here you will find any themed resources such as Christmas resources etc. More will come, and they will be filed under this heading!


3: Archiving #mathsTLP

I have painstakingly separated each #mathsTLP collection of lesson ideas into individual lessons / topics and reposted them so that they are searchable as subtopics, rather than as an emalgamation of an entire one hour session. This enables you to quickly find all the great ideas per topic that are shared amongst the maths teacher community in just one click! Each of these posts is identified with (TLP) in the heading.

*Apologies if you received many (many…many) email notifications yesterday if you subscribe to this site!


4. Resource Of The Day

I have renamed this ‘resources’ as, quite simply, I cannot rely on myself to post a resource every single day anymore! I will endeavour to, and it will be significantly less time consuming under my new idea that was outlined here.


5. Solve My Maths

Finally, I’ve added a subcategory for the tough puzzles I write… puzzles that other people write!

This will allow me to be more flexible and post out old exam questions, tough questions I find online, and user submitted questions if you like! Again, these would just disappear into the ether under the old site, but now have their own designated area.


So that’s it! Everything else is still intact. #mathsTLP is going really well (find out what #mathsTLP is here),

I still find time occasionally to post out some funny maths things I find or create


I still write random musings occasionally (I will hopefully have some exciting news about my complements series next week)

And my Maths Mr. Men seem to be gaining more fans by the day! Hurrah!



It has taken 3 long, long…long evenings to update this beast, but I’m happy with the new version. Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts about it!

Many thanks for your continued support and interest in solvemymaths.com


4 thoughts on “What’s new at solvemymaths.com ?

  1. Thank you for everything and being willing to share it with us all. Everyone who comes into my room loves the Mr Men and Little Miss display.

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