Algebraic Perimeter / Area (TLP)

Pizza Joke


Above: Perimeter Expressions (NRICH)

Algebra parallel maze


Above: TES Resource 1


Above: TES Resource 2

3 thoughts on “Algebraic Perimeter / Area (TLP)

  1. I am curious. This post is probably the 30th or more post from Solve My Maths today. Is there a problem? Why so many in one day? Has there been a mistake? I wish I had the time to look through them all….?Dan Kearney Folsom, CA

    • The emails are an irritating side effect of a huge update to the site. I have taken all the #mathsTLP resources and seperated each set of lesson resources into individual posts, so that they can be found by topic now, rather than slipping into the abyss. You’ll see from the ‘resources’ link on the menu how much easier it is now for teachers to find things on specific topics. Apologies for the barrage of update emails!

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