#mathsTLP 17th May 2015

Welcome back 🙂

Last week’s book winner was Phil Bruce.

Congratulations Phil! There will be a new giveaway next week. In the meantime, @SAGEeducation has offered 50% discount on last week’s book to anyone who entered the competition.

Here’s this week’s starter activities:

shape starter

algebra starter

data starter

number starter

starters 17 may

Lesson 1: Compound Area

Lesson 2
: Bearings

Lesson 3
: Scale Drawings

Lesson 4: Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots

Lesson 5
: Logarithm Laws

Lesson 6
: Proportional Reasoning

Lesson 7
: Mean, Median and Mode

Lesson 8
: Multiplying Fractions

Lesson 9
: Surface Area

Lesson 10
:Integration Resources

Lesson 11
: Year 7 Algebra

Lesson 12
: Using the Quadratic Formula


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