#mathsTLP 10th May 2015

Welcome back.I’m very pleased to announce that Sage Education are offering a book prize giveaway this week!


Enter the draw at the bottom of the post.

Here’s four starters to begin with:

shape starter

algebra starter

data starter

number starter

starters 10 may

Lesson 1: Averages


Lesson 2:Histograms


Lesson 3:Maths Department CPD


Lesson 4: Standard Form


Lesson 5: Pythagoras


Lesson 6: Calculator Skills


Lesson 7: Core 2 Revision


Lesson 8: Starting Calculus


Lesson 9: Changing the Subject (Algebra)


Lesson 10: Inequalities and Shading Regions


Lesson 11: Circle Theorems


Lesson 12: FDP


Lesson 13: Fraction Operations


Book Giveaway:

To enter the exclusive #mathsTLP competition for a free copy of “Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively” courtesy of Sage Education, click here and complete a super short survey (Survey Monkey)

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