I had a minor brain wave when reading this wonderful book by my favourite author. In it he mentions a good idea for teaching Pythagoras proofs. Take a square photograph, and chop it up in the exact proportions of a dissection proof, then get students to rearrange it to ‘prove’ the Pythagorean theorem. A simple idea, and one I’m sure has been used countless times before and since. I immediately took to the idea and went about planning it out. I’ve always had a bugbear that students are usually shown only one proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, when in fact, there are hundreds. So I wanted to dissect several images in several different ways. Granted, this negates all proofs apart from proof by dissection, but it’s a start. Pythagoras lends itself nicely to sPythagoras… so… behold, the James Bond Pythagorean Proofs, featuring six James Bond actors, and six different dissection proofs:

Classic Sean:

2015-04-20 14.15.37 2015-04-20 14.24.50

Boring George:

2015-04-20 12.21.06 2015-04-20 12.30.52

Cheesey Roger:

2015-04-20 14.07.16 2015-04-20 14.28.12

Cold Timothy:

2015-04-20 15.02.27 2015-04-20 15.09.12

Sleazy Pierce:

2015-04-20 14.02.31 2015-04-20 14.03.36

Blue Eyed Daniel:

2015-04-20 14.44.40

2015-04-20 14.53.23

And the dissections:


…oh and all in a PowerPoint: spythagoras_final


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