Area Problem #18

green area problem

Lines have been drawn such that the 1/3 points of each side meet their opposite vertex.
If the area shaded green is 63cm2, what is the total area of the triangle ABC?

13 thoughts on “Area Problem #18

  1. Thanks for your reply. The GeoGebra demo is very neat, but I don’t think it is near to a proof, is it? I think it is just a demonstration of something we know to be true. For example, how do we know that when we join a vertex A of the inner triangle ABC to a midpoint of a ‘nearby’ side of the outer triangle, that the resulting line segment is parallel to the side BC ?

  2. I’ve played around in Geogebra and got the relationship between the area of the white part and the whole triangle, and then got 73.5 as an answer… cheating, no?

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