I’m proud to announce a new twitter collaborative project with @mathsjem. (Creator and Curator of the brilliant resourceaholic.com )

We’ve been thinking about the power of social media (specifically for us, twitter) and how useful it is both to network and to share ideas. I’ve wanted to evolve the collaborative efforts made possible by Twitter for a while, and bounced some ideas around. And so #mathsTLP was created.

#mathsTLP will run on Sunday evenings from 7 until 8pm (GMT). The basic premise is this: If you have an imminent lesson you are struggling to find / create resources for, write us a tweet in that time frame and we (along with YOU, twitter people) will collaboratively throw around ideas and links until we have the outline of what we consider a good set of activities pulled together. Once the hour is up, I’ll collate the ideas and lessons onto a post here (within, say, 20 mins) and post the link out. Hey Presto! We’ve planned a lesson (most likely a few lessons) collaboratively through social media!

Just to avoid any misconceptions, this isn’t the “Ed & Jo Will Plan Your Lesson” show, it will only work if there’s a collaborative GROUP working… erm… collaboratively. I think I’ve used that word enough now.

Hope to see you there, and I hope it’s a success.


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