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I was very fortunate to meet Don Steward this morning at Huddersfield University. He ran a session for us about creativity and challenge in maths for 11-16 year olds. It was a really great blend of teaching strategies, activity ideas and very challenging open questions about strange number patterns and sequences that had all of us falling in love with our subject all over again. I may write a little more about it at another time, but for now, I wanted to share Don’s presentations and activity slides with you. He has very kindly allowed me to host them here to reach a wider audience than just the attendees. Links are underneath the set of pictures. If you haven’t discovered Don Steward yet, what are you waiting for?!






Huddersfield Presentation 1

Huddersfield Presentation 2

Huddersfield Presentation 3

Huddersfield problem sheets


7 thoughts on “Don Steward Resources

  1. Thanks, really jealous I was not there. Could you write a few note on your favourite activities he went through?
    Yours in hope

  2. Thank you for saving me $1500 airfare for decent CPD! I followed the Tweets from you and @TESmaths with envy. And thank you for my daily dose of good ideas and interesting pics etc, all ready for me first thing in the morning thanks to the time difference here in Bermuda.

    • My pleasure. I will be writing a follow-up that outlines the main points behind the session and hopefully adds a little more explanation to the slides soon. Don Steward wants to just look over the post before I publish it. Aaaand I also need to write it first!

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