A nice…enormous collection of Tarsia puzzles for a huge range of maths topics. Handy, but you’ll need the (free) software too. Enjoy, and thanks to Craig Barton for collating and hosting them.


3 thoughts on “Tarsia

  1. I like the idea of Tarsias and personally like doing them, but I find that they take ages to complete in class (by the time they’ve been cut out, Lewis has blown an almost completed one across by sneezing, glueing them into a book etc. you don’t get much change from an hour) and when I have checked afterwards (not particularly scientifically admittedly, more of a mini-whiteboards before and after to see whether there has been much progress), I’m not 100% convinced that the students have actually learned much.
    What are other teachers views on this?

    • I agree that there needs to be minimum time spent not doing the maths. I would always have them pre–chopped! Give groups of 3 students a set so that they’re not wasting time looking for the right card etc. I’m sure there are better resources, but I’m a big fan of turning practice into puzzles to help enthuse.

    • I have a laminated set. I also use them as a group activity, print off sets of different colours, hand them out randomly and then form groups by colour. Totally random grouping. Then I ask the students to write the answers on the Tarsia pieces before they cut them out. As everyone is engaged it is easy for me to wander around and assist with cutting out.
      I also show the students a system of pairing tarsia pieces first individually and then combining their pieces, much quicker. We then glue these onto paper coloured paper and make wall displays with them.
      In addition I send one home for homework.

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