The Batman Murder Mystery


A Batman mystery based on telling time, adding and subtracting time, and other time based shenanigans. Differentiated..

Batman Murder Mystery_easy

Batman Murder Mystery_medium

Batman Murder Mystery_hard



2 thoughts on “The Batman Murder Mystery

  1. Looking at the ‘easy’ one, in the second exercise, first I have to infer that the clocks stopped at the time of the crime… not too big a deal… but if I take nine hours from 2:00 and 3 hours from 8:00 I get 5:00 …. so that could be a solution, right? Same time? If I take 3 hours from 2:00 and nine hours frmo 8:00 I get …11:00… so … that could also be a solution, right?
    Are the students accustomed to “two possible answers?” (mine wouldn’t be, but yours might)…

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