Shiny Icosahedron

shiny platonic

via Imgur


5 thoughts on “Shiny Icosahedron

  1. Hey, thanks, guys!

    The reason there are so ridiculously many polyhedra on my blog is that I constantly have to get the new ones out of my head, and onto the Internet, or the back-up causes headaches. Also, part of my brain is set to think about polyhedra pretty much all the time now, but it never occurred to me to install an “off” switch for that subroutine, so the tide of new polyhedra, as you observed, never stops.

    When I can’t get to the software I use for my blog, I doodle these things on paper, or in my head, or try to make them with Zometools, or other materials. I’m an Aspie, and most Aspies (those with Asperger’s) have at least one interest about which we obsess. This one is mine.

  2. I think we all appreciate your cool .gifs ! Many thanks. With regards to the Icosahedron, I’m afraid I don’t make any of the gifs featured so I have no idea! The only gif I made was the very first one and it was a very painful experience using an old version of flash, then photoshop, then an online gif maker.

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