Balance Problems


These are great for teaching algebraic inequalities in a different way.

via LostInRecursion

*Edit, since scheduling this post, Don Steward has also posted his version of the same sorts of problem

3 thoughts on “Balance Problems

  1. I’m not sure I understand. What are you supposed to do? Do you need to account for moments, or is is just weights? If the latter, and I assume the symbols mean the weight is the same, then surely the second only works is square = triangle?

  2. You order each shape by weight. So for puzzle 9 (second pictured), you’d get:
    Cir > Tri + Squ
    Cir + Tri + Squ > Cir + 2 Tri

    Which would lead to Cir > Squ > Tri

    For example, if Cir = 4kg, Squ = 2 Kg and Tri = 1 Kg, then it would look as pictured – but you don’t need to attribute a real weight to each symbol, just which weighs more / less.

    A full explanation from the puzzle writer is here:

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