Radius Problem #1


2 circles sit inside rectangle ABCD, such that

AB is tangent to both circles,

AC and CD are tangent to the larger circle

BD is tangent to the smaller circle.

Find radius r2

18 thoughts on “Radius Problem #1

  1. 2.152636 cm. = (12 x 8) – (16 x pi ) this is the area of the small circle ( 45.734 squared cms ) the squared root of this amount is divided by pi ( 3.14159 ) it give you 2.152636 cm.

  2. Another method that give me 2.157 cms is to draw a circle half the size of the big circle (2 cms) and place it at the center of the small circle by making an octagono I get that the circumscribe lenght of 2.157 cms.

  3. Final answer is a quadratic equation in r2 = (4 – r2) squared + ( 8 – r2 ) squared = ( 4 + r2 ) squared.

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